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What has been the highlight of the 10th week of the Premier League?





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05/11/12 at 15:07:19 #1
Ahmad Elhendawy
Luis Suarez's world class goal! Don't even see how it was possible haha!
05/11/12 at 16:14:48 #2
Hi Rafa, It says a lot when the highligghts are about referees' decisions. Unfortunately this is not going to change in the short term I am afraid. Apart from Suarez Liverpool don't have much to shout about. They did not seem to have a plan other than playing possession football and hope that something happens. That is why single mistakes cost them dearly and their position on the log is a true reflection of their current team's ability. It is a pity really as they do still have some really good players. I would pay just to watch Suarez play he really loves football and it shows every time he's on the pitch.

Man U I think has a really good shot at the title this year.


Keith YNWA
05/11/12 at 19:04:06 #3
Another game for Liverpool another lackluster result.
It seems that the run and pass or tiki-taka or whatever else it's called is incredibly predictable as Liverpool are not scoring a lot of goals with this system. The amazing Suarez goal came from a long ball by Enrique.

On offense, very few opportunities are created, so either Liverpool doesn't have the personnel to implement the system, or the players are still learning the ropes.

On defense, it is again another game without a clean sheet, that with some of the best defensive players in the league. It looks like the players are having trouble keeping their shape correctly and suffer from too many mental mistakes.

Probably a combination of all of the above, but so far, the results are disappointing.
06/11/12 at 17:56:51 #4
tamojit chakraborty
sir i am a great of yours down the years
this week perhaps luis suarez'a out of the world skill to score form that long ball for me ,,,stands in the same category as messi and cr7,,,this guy is just phenomenal
but as things panned out liverpool need a striker someone like the old fernando torres
sir could u kindly explain the importance of having a player like joe allen in the side?this guy hardly passes the ball forward only cross paaaes for me dont help in the epl,,nor the tiki taka
08/11/12 at 13:32:34 #5
The Issue is that : prm lg is 3 horses race now.
The important this to do is to strengthen for the next compagn for Liverpool. Even top 4 for us this season is not within our ability. The squad we have is just for top 10. We need quality players who can score goals. David villa , huntelar, lendwiski, Cavani . Creating or players who can play between the lines such as Arda turan ( athletic Madrid ) or munian ( Bilbao ) or willian ( shakhtar )
If we will ge one good striker and one playmaker , I believe our taem will improve. YNWA
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