The "Napoli Era" begins for Rafa Benitez

The Spanish coach was introduced to Naples today


"Absolutely massive". That was the press conference for Rafa Benitez’s official presentation as the new coach of SSC Napoli  - Nearly 150 journalists, mostly Italian, English and Spanish - but also from other parts of the world such as Japan, met in the large newsroom that that the team have in Castell Neapolitan Volturno.
Benitez who was accompanied by the president of the organization, Aurelio Di Laurentiis, appeared in the press room for his first public appearances as coach of Napoli .The president gave him a custom Napoli shirt and welcomed him, praising his skill and professionalism. He made it clear that his aim as club president was always to have Rafa Benitez at the helm of this club entering into a new phase in the history of SSC Napoli.
Rafa Benitez was excited to begin this new challenge explained in detail the cornerstones of the project. He confirmed his dedication and enthusiasm, he then explained to the Napoli fans the objectives for the upcoming season. He also showed his delight with his new city that he had just arrived in.
His arrival at the airport and hotel was meant to be secret but he was met with countless fans awaiting him.

In the press conference the composition of the coaching team was announced to be as follows:
COACH: Rafael Benitez Maudes.
SECOND COACH: Fabio Pecchia.
TRAINER: Francisco de Miguel Moreno.
TRAINER: Corrado Saccone.
GOALKEEPER COACH: Javier Vicente Valero Berchili.
PHYSICIANS: Enrico Raffaele D'Andrea and Canon.
ANALYSTS: Antonio Gomez Perez and Pedro Jimenez Campos.
MATERIAL MANAGER: Tommaso Starace.