"Champions League Dreams" launches with an "Audience with Rafa Benitez"

Get In To The Mind of Rafa Benitez - The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Dublin




Thursday 13th September 2012

Rafael Benítez will be at Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy Theatre for one night only for an intimate evening this September. For this very special event the audience will gain an exclusive insight in to the mind of one of Europe’s most successful and celebrated football managers. Rafa will share memories from his early career at Real Madrid, his winning times at Valencia Imagenand his fateful beginnings at Liverpool Football Club. Discover what really happened at half time in Istanbul in 2005 and his subsequent years at LFC. Listen as he talks about his latest book: “Champions League Dreams” and explains how he took Liverpool to their historic fifth European championship.

"Champions League Dreams" is a stimulating and deeply insightful football narrative by Rafa Benítez which focuses on the legendary manager's dramatic six Champions League campaigns with Liverpool.

Rafa expertly navigates fans through intriguing European adventures that embrace the triumph and despair of two Champions League finals, three semi- finals and five quarter-finals in what was a golden era for the Anfield club - an era that supporters felt gave them their pride back after years in the wilderness. What sets "Champions League Dreams" apart is the unique ways in which Rafa allows fans into his high-pressured world, the fascinating glimpses he offers of a top manager's thought processes and decision making during the cut and thrust of a high-octane European campaign.

Understand how a great manager prepares for, then executes, a master-plan for European success.

"Champions League Dreams" is released on Thursday 13th September and is available to pre-order from Amazon.


Get In To the Mind Of Rafa Benítez: Champions League Dreams.

Venue: Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Grand Canal Square, Docklands, Dublin 2.

Tickets: Priced from €20. On sale now through Ticketmaster.