Gold Medal for Rafa Benítez

The manager is to be honoured by "the Phil" of Trinity College Dublin


Rafa Benitez is to be honoured by the University Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin on Monday 5th March. Rafa is set to accept the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage for his outstanding contribution to sport.
Rafa will make an address entitled, “Belief, Determination and Success” and will be presented with his Medal by the famed “Phil Society”. This award, with a heritage of over five centuries, is made to individuals who have excelled in public life and made a worthy contribution to society.

Other recipients of Honorary Patronage include Al Pacino, Chris Blackwell, Sen. John McCain, Bob Geldof, Stephen Fry, Bono, Naomi Campbell, and Dame Helen Mirren. The Society is privileged to have had among its members such luminaries as Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, George Berkeley and Sir William Petty.

Since its foundation, the Phil has consistently been a forum for the radical debate of issues that both reflect and affect society. During its long history, it has also recorded the presence of many remarkable guests, including Friedrich Engels, Karl Popper and Winston Churchill.

Patrons of the Society were traditionally those senior academics who were charged with seeing to its interests within College and protecting it from censorship and interference. Today, the Phil nominates as Honorary Patrons those select individuals whose contributions to artistic, scientific and political life demonstrate the same mix of creativity, curiosity and inspiration which have made the Society an exciting forum of debate and discussion for several hundred years.

FOUNDED 1684: Senior Patron: The Provost of Trinity College
Honorary Patrons: Al Pacino • The Most Revd Desmond Tutu Tommy HilfigerValéry Giscard d'Estaing