Benitez: "I am satisfied with the team's play, but we lacked luck when converting"

The Coach of the 'Azzurri' acknowledges that "we could have scored more goals, my players have played a great game"


Rafa Benitez as ever is always serene and calm and has made a thorough analysis of what transpired in the game in the post match press conference between Napoli and Catania. This triumph certifies that it is the best start to the league in the history of Napoli, surpassing even that of the years in which records were beaten when Maradona was wearing the shirt of the 'Azzurri'. The coach stated that "the team did very well, we just lacked some luck in converting the large number of shots on goal that we had created".

"I am very happy with the evolution of the team", continued Benitez before stating categorically "tonight we dominated the game, we scored very early and then after this we have not been so lucky in converting our chances. Their goalkeeper has also been very good defending the goal, but it is clear that we lacked that third goal which gives security and tranquility to the game" stated the Napoli coach.

Despite the lack of goals, Benitez feel’s more satisfied with the second half that of the first because, "in terms of game, we had more possession of the ball, but missing extra goal to end the game. We could have reached the final whistle calmly, but in general the provision of my team has been satisfactory".

The negative point of the game was the injury to Mesto: "I’m sorry for Giandomenico, he was playing very well and is very important to us. He's had a knee problem and I hope he recovers as soon as possible. I put Uvini in his place because he is a right back defender and this is what we have been working with him in training this past month. Despite being his debut, I think he's done very well".

Finally, Benitez has applauded the work of José María Callejón, which once again witnessed him earning his sixth goal in Serie A. The Naples coach has stated that, "when I said he could score many goals, it was based on the fact that I know him very well and I am aware of his quality's - a player who works hard and is always looking to improve. So far, all have scored goal’s and that means that the squad is evolving very well", Benitez recognized". I'm happy, but I know we are not quite there yet. I can confirm that there is still room for improvement and I repeat, we are still seventy-five percent. There is still some work to do" the Spaniard ended.