Rafa Benitez’s technical staff at the Trainerscongres 2012

Members of his team take part in the International Coaches Congress in Zwolle (Holland)


Some members of Rafa Benitez’s technical team took part in the tenth International Coaches Congress organised by the Official Football Coaches College for Holland whose President is Leo Beenhakker. It was actually he, the former coach of Ajax, Real Zaragoza, Real Madrid and Dutch national teams, UAE and Poland amongst others, who extended the invitation for Rafa ImagenBenitez’s staff to demonstrate at the Congress the new techniques and technologies they are using, including the simple program Globall Coach which they use on a daily basis for their coaching sessions.

It was Paco de Miiguel the fitness coach from Madrid and Eduardo Parra, the rehabilitation coach from Vigo who did the presentation at Zwolle, 100 kms north-east of Amsterdam where 1200 coaches from the Beenhakker’s association were in attendance. The event is used annually to award the title of Best Dutch Coach which this time went to the former Barcelona player and former coach of Vaalencia and Benfica, Ronald Koeman.

Paco de Miguel and Eduardo Parra, who were accompanied by Igor Gluscevic, and who were both members of Rafa Benitez’s team at Liverpool, enjoyed the experience “which gave us the chance to demonstrate our work and methodology whilst at the same time sharing ideas and opinions”.

The new program Globall Coach did not go unnoticed amongst the audience since “its functionality and benefits attracted a lot of attention amongst the professionals there because it simplifies many of the coaches tasks such as designing and planning sessions, scouting opponents and other teams, and match analysis in general and in particular, like set plays for example. It is something that is extremely useful for professionals and we came back happy with the experience and with opportunity to to show these types of innovations” said the coaches.