Messi, Mascherano and Puyol join forces with the MBF

The signed shirts of the 3 Barcelona players go up for auction to raise funds for the Montse Benitez Foundation


ImagenJust as the auction for Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos’s shirt comes to an end, another 3 international players, this time from Barcelona, have become involved with the Montse Benitez Foundation (MBF). Leo Messi, Javier Macherano and Carlos Puyol have signed official shirts which have now been put up for auction with the sole aim of raising funds for the charities supported by the Foundation.

Anyone interested in helping these good causes can do so by clicking on these links:

Once again, all those associated with, in particular Montse and Rafa Benitez, would like to thank Vicente del Bosque and all the players who have supported this initiative for their interest and involvement as well as all those who have made their bids in the auctions. A sincere thanks to all of you.