What would you do?


Yesterday, the match which is potentially the most decisive for the Premier League title was played, with the two best teams in the league playing for a big part of the title. Before talking about some key aspects of the game I would like to make a few comments: what would you do, a fan, if you were the manager of one of these teams? Would you play all your usual starting players knowing that in a few days your team has to play a decisive game in the Champions League? Would you risk your best players if they have any small physical problem or if they have played a lot of minutes recently? Would you make changes earlier than usual?.

When I have had to make these sorts of decisions, in my case, I have normally chosen to make the most of the squad, to trust in my players and to give minutes to those who are 100% fit, using the famous rotations and trying to keep a high level of motivation. Unless you have an irreplaceable player, that confidence in the group allows you more of a chance of reaching the end of the different competitions, with more of an option of winning several titles. At least that's how it has been for me. If you were the manager what would you do?

Regarding the match, we could all see an excellent Manchester City in the first half, searching well for the spaces behind the Liverpool defense and passing between the lines, trying to reach De Bruyne. In the second half, we saw Liverpool react great from the start, helped by the motivation of the tie, with more aggressiveness and higher pressure from their midfield which made it difficult for the City midfielders to come out from behind with the ball. Then, there were various individual details of quality that could have decided the match, which is what we all expect from this level of fixture and of players.

In short, the draw allows the excitement of the league to continue, and does not allow either team to start to relax.