To be patient



The first thing my friends with experience in China told me was: "you have to be patient". It is another culture a great country with amazing cities, as you can see from this
view of Shanghai, one of the most important cities in the world.

As I said in our blog, it is an amazing new culture, everything is different and you have to adapt, but at the same time we try to do things in our way, the way that we are used to in Europe.

We are working very hard trying to organize the Academy, the Youth System and at the same time to be competitive with the First Team and prepare everything for the future. We want to leave a legacy and we have to be patient. We have brought around 20 Spanish coaches at the moment and we are trying to create a methodology and structure that will allow us to improve the scouting, the young players and for sure the First Team. It is a work in progress. The new training ground is nearly finished and it will give us more chances to implement this methodology: with new pitches, gym and a great indoor facility. So, the project goes ahead. We have to be patient.