The problem of 'always winning'


Last weekend, a couple of Italian media asked me for my opinion on how this end of Serie A could unfold. Fortunately, I have been in these situations frequently and I said that, given the equality in points and the similar calendar for the three teams, the key would be to maintain regularity, not to get carried away by a bad or a good result.

Unfortunately for Napoli and Milan, with a loss and a draw respectively will test their mentality. I cannot predict how Milan will react, but I am happy to see that in Naples they are talking of: 'non è finita, il Napoli ci crede ancora'; this is the way to deal with it, not to get carried away by a bad result and continue, 'slowly, but surely', but in this case more 'game by game' to reach the end with options. For their part, Inter, who have one match pending, have placed themselves in an advantageous position, but they can't afford any setbacks either and that's good for the championship.Also we have to remember, perhaps one advantage for Napoli, that the Coppa Italia will involve both Milan and Inter, initially in the second game of the semi-final, and one of the two teams will pass to the final, which will once again test the roaster from a physical and mental point of view.

The demand, the pressure in the final stretch of the championship, when you play for something is more difficult to handle for the player and the coach. In this position, the experience can help you to take better decisions. What I´m sure of is that Serie A will be exciting this year until the end.