My thanks and best wishes


On behalf of SSC Napoli, Riccardo Bigon – Napoli’s sporting director, my coaching staff, colleagues and on my own behalf, I would like to thank both Anthony Réveillère and Toni Doblas for their contribution and their behavior in the time that we have shared these past months. Both came to Napoli to help out in difficult circumstances, mostly due to injury of Rafael in the case of Toni or Mesto, Zuniga and Maggio with Anthony. Both of them have been important at different times to contribute towards what we achieved this season. I would like to emphasize that, from the first to the last day,they have behaved as excellent professionals who are excellent professionals and people. They perfectly integrated into the city, in the group and have been an example on and off the field. Therefore, my best wishes to Toni and Anthony. Thanks for everything.