Looking to the future


Today we welcomed Mike Whyatt, Director of Development of The Football Association of Nova Scotia in Canada. Mike is in charge of managing the development in this area, with the main focus of work on the players to make them leaders in the field.

The visit of Mike came through a contact of staff of Globall Coach for Football who we helped at development stage in 2012. After numerous excellent updates the system now allows you to manage a whole football club, a team, and at the same time design any kind of training sessions with excellent animations. It was a pleasure to share information with Mike and show him the way that we work in this Club. Mike observed a training session and was interested in the technology we use, the process in which we discover talents and the way that we work with young players, trying to bring the best for them.

He was talking with us about the evolution of football in Canada and how they are trying to improve the sport as it is one with less participants than others, such as ice hockey for example, as they don´t have football as a traditional sport nor does it have the economic power that they do in ice skating, hockey etc.

My technical staff and I agreed that the new technologies are an added value at the professional football service, but also agree with Mike that the use of the technology has to be a help to make decisions, but not the only tool to decide. The future is to use modern Football Software to improve the communication with our players and at the same time the decision making.

These kind of meetings with Coaches and staff of other latitudes help you gain an understanding of another point of the view, in this case the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks Mike for your visit and good luck in your job.