Good luck 'little boss'



Since our time at Liverpool, I have kept in contact with Javier Mascherano, when he lived in Barcelona and in China as well, when he was at Hebei, or now in Argentina with Estudiantes. Something that many people do not know is that I already tried to sign Mascherano when he played in the Second Team of River Plate and he had been international with the National team without having made his debut with the First Team yet, at that time I was in charge of Valencia and my aim was to add him to my team.

Later, when he was having a hard time because he wasn\'t playing for West Ham, and during a trip for a Liverpool game in London, I went to his apartment. There, he had a table in the living room and with some stones from a flower vase, I explained how I wanted to play and his position in our system. A few months later he joined Liverpool, the rest is already known history. His time at Barcelona playing as a center-back was one more experience in his excellent career as a professional.

Since I have known him, Javier has stood out for his good character. Many people talk about ‘players with character’ but I like to clarify that what makes you a good team player is this ‘good character’. Javier was nicknamed ‘the little boss’, ‘boss’ because he is competitive, professional and a very good partner, as well as demanding with himself and with those around him. That is why he has succeeded and been appreciated by his teammates and coaches.

He will retire from football as a player, but I am sure that he will continue to help everyone who listens to him to grow as people and, perhaps, as footballers.

Take care Javier.