Goal accomplished



Following our 2-0 victory against Shijiazhuang Ever Bright we can proudly say that we’ve achieved our goal.

We reorganised the team, incorporating some new young players to form the team with the lowest median age in the Chinese Super League and now we’ll fight for 9th place before relaxing a bit after a season as complicated as this one has been.

It’s been an incredible experience for our young players. They, with the great contribution of some of our older players, have helped us to create a balanced team which has been competitive till the last in every match.

Congratulations and thank you to all of them, as well as to all of the staff and the bosses who have supported us at every step. I also wouldn’t want to forget the fans, who have cheered us on both from the stand and at the entrance of the hotel, this win is also dedicated to them.

The Dalian Pro/Wanda project continues. Now, for the next victory.