A reward for all of us


I have just been informed that I have been awarded with 'Manager of the month for November' by the 'Premier League' and, obviously, it is a great joy to receive this award.
We have previously been honoured with this distinction on other occasions, five during my time in Liverpool, once whilst at Chelsea and now, for the first time in the Premier League with Newcastle United. This one makes me especially happy because is a recognition of the hard work of this period.

As I have said before, in a team sport such as football, this prize is not just for the coach, my work would not be possible without the collaboration, effort and professionalism of my colleagues. From the players, with their commitment week by week on the pitch, to the coaching staff that strives daily to improve our training methods. Also, to the rest of the staff that helps us every day to achieve our goals. They are also the architects of the victories we achieved throughout the month of November. I want to share the, 'Manager of the month for November ', with all of them and all of Club's supporters. Thank you very much and ... C'MON TOONS !!!