A challenge in blue


I have the pleasure to officially communicate through this website my return to the Premier League, my favourite competition, to lead Everton Football Club.

It is a privilege to have been given the opportunity. Having called Merseyside our home for the last 17 years, our commitment and involvement with the city, with the scousers, has been total, without caring about the colours. I would like to thank Everton for this opportunity to join an ambitious and competitive club. I have the same enthusiasm and will show the same dedication me and my staff always bring to our work. I fight hard for every team I manage and I'm excited to do that at Everton.

Everton is striving to be the best. Simply competing in the top league is not enough. That ambition, drive and determination to succeed is something I share.

My philosophy, shared with my staff, is always to achieve the maximum with the means we have available. And the success we have achieved over the years shows it is an approach that works. We rely on a methodology that is based on effort, competitiveness, and the skills to work as a team.

We will put all our knowledge, experience, skills, enthusiasm, and energy to make the team competitive at the level that this ambitious club and this city deserves. Above all, I believe we all come from a hard experience over the last 18 months, with a pandemic that has affected us at all levels, including in professional football. I think we have suffered a lot, we deserve to enjoy football again, to get together again in a stadium to watch our favourite sport with our people. I think this is the most important thing.

Professionalism, dedication, and success have earned us the respect and the affection of many fans in various countries, I hope the same will happen here, in the city of my home. I look forward to celebrating some success as soon as possible. I am only looking to the future and to trying to build a competitive team to be proud of.