Begoña Pérez

Correspondent for Cadena Cope and El Mundo London.
"Work, work and more work, that is his maxim"
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"Few coaches can presume to have won all the titles possible in club football. And even fewer with teams like Valencia and Liverpool which, a priori, do not figure as favourites in the betting to achieve glory.

"This is Rafa Benítez great strength, to find petrol where there isn't any".
This is Rafa Benítez’s great strength, to find petrol where there isn’t any, getting the maximum from his players, always based on team balance and not on individuals. His merits are unquestionable. And they are not by chance, but as a result of many hours of analysis. It is surprising that in certain forums
"His merits are unquestionable, as a result of many hours of analysis".
his achievements are not recognised. In an interview for El Mundo, Rafa reminded me that in Spain they usually remember someone when they have passed away, “but I don’t lose sleep over it, I keep working”. Work, work and work is his maxim. That’s why he is not one of those who play the media game to score points because he knows that you get praise by sweating buckets on the bench. His rare exposure has given him an image of coldness which is far from reality. He is a person who is more sensitive than it appears, as he showed with tears at Anfield at the memorial service for the victims of Hillsborough. This is the Rafa I know".