Salomón Rondón

José Salomón Rondón Giménez.

Newcastle United. Season 2018.
Dalian Professional. Seasons 2019-2021.

"(If I have to choose a coach from whom I have worked) I choose Rafa Benítez, he taught me a lot. He is a true gentleman and I learnt a lot with him. I appreciate his way to reach to each player. He can talk about a lot of issues. I took advantage of everything he could teach me. I remember my first chat with him, 45 minutes long. He drew on a blackboard a field and asked to me: "What are you?". I answered: "A forward". Then, he asked me: "What is the main thing to forwards? Scoring goals, isn´t it?". These kind of things you remember for all your life. I liked working with him and all that I learnt from him was marvelous. I will thank him for our moments in China all my life.

The players always want to know everything, but it´s impossible. There is always another perspective like the one from Rafa Benítez. With his honors, I think he will know some things to do it right. The main thing is to learn, to know your virtues and the way to use it to help the team".

MARCA. March 2021.