Pepe Reina

José Manuel Reina Páez.
Pepe Reina.

Liverpool FC Seasons 2005-2010

Pepe Reina’s support affords Rafael Benítez respite from talk of injured prid

"Rafa Benítez is building something special here. He proved that when he came here — the club was one thing and now it’s something totally different. We have grown up and we can still grow a little bit more.

The Sunday Times 03-11-2009

José Reina admits sadness at Rafael Benítez's Liverpool departure
"It's a sad moment for Liverpool, for Rafa Benítez and for the players who have been with him", the Spain goalkeeper said following his country's 1-0 victory over South Korea in a World Cup warm-up game in Innsbruck.
"He was a very important person for the club for six years. Liverpool grew with him and Rafa also grew thanks to Liverpool".
"I hope that this crisis passes. That a person so important for the club as Rafa Benítez has left is news that you never would have expected and that you never would have believed", he added. "The only thing left for me is to thank him for his confidence during all this time. I wish him the best of luck".
The Guardian, 03-06-2010

Pepe Reina: Rafa Benitez is the ideal option to lead Liverpool

"The truth is that they have sounded out a lot of coaches (for Liverpool FC). Obviously whoever it is will be welcomed at the club. But Rafa Benitez, for me, is the coach who made me and I cannot be objective about him because, for me and, I believe, for a lot of my team mates, he is the best and in my opinion would be the ideal candidate".
MARCA, 30-05-2012