Oriol Romeu

Oriol Romeu Vidal.
Oriol Romeu.

Chelsea FC Season 2012-2013

"I was very happy with Rafa. He is a coach that can analyse the opposition very well, his tactical work is very good. He has his teams as we could see in Liverpool FC very well set up on the field and this is what I like so much".

"When Rafa Benítez came to Chelsea, I saw an opportunity. He chose to play me in some matches, something that had not happened for months and that was a good thing for me".

"Rafa achieved what he was asked to do. He faced a very difficult situation: take over the team in the Champions League after the change of management. He accomplished perfectly, winning the Europa League and reaching third in the Premier League, we could not ask him for more".

"He is a great coach, he knows so much about football. What can I say about Rafa Benítez, his CV proves it".

Comments in the media

"I know there will be a reaction in Newcastle to his appointment and it will be difficult time ahead. Rafa works very well, tactically he is amazing. All his teams have a signature style, they are well prepared teams with a defensive line and a midfield always hard to beat. I would think he will achieve his goal".

Interview in EFE, March 2016

"Rafa Benítez is a tactical genius who works a lot on two lines of four . But he's not a defensive coach as he has many ideas and solutions for the attack. He has a very good strategy were he asks you , did you make any mistakes ? When you answer no, he remembers 3 or 4. Shows you them in clips and shows some solutions and suggestions . It was a pity he came to Chelsea as only the interim coach as this hampered him but He still won the Europa league".

Mundo Deportivo, June 2016