Jamaal Lascelles

Jamaal Lascelles

 Newcastle United. Seasons 2016-2018.

"He’s always correcting small things with me and talking to me, He will tell me to watch clips of various players to improve my game. He’s by far the best manager I’ve worked with - he’s very easy to talk to and his door is always open.

You can tell he’s managed at the highest level, and every day it’s like playing in front of a new manager because he has authority and commands respect immediately.

Players want to impress him in training because of his stature and what he’s achieved during his career.

He’s big on tactics - not so much skill and technique but positioning, and controlling the back line and the spaces between defence and midfield.

Anyone who watched Newcastle last season will have noticed we’re pretty hard to break down, and that’s all down to his tactics. He’s such a perfectionist. If it’s not right, he’ll stop training and correct us.

Some managers will just praise you all the time, but even when you do something well at Newcastle, Rafa will tell you how you can do it even better".

Chronicle, september 2018