Ian Rush

Ian James Rush.
Ian Rush.

"He’s done a great job. It doesn’t matter how big a club you are, the hardest thing is to get back in the Premier League - and he’s done it.

Newcastle have gone up as champions, and I think he [Benitez] knows the scores - he’s had a season in that league and he doesn’t want to be there again.

Now he’s back in the big time and I’m sure he’s looking for money to spend on players, because everyone needs to improve, and I’m sure Newcastle are the same.

I’m sure with his experience at Liverpool, knowing what it’s like to be successful in the Premier League, he needs three or four players.

If he can do that, I’m sure he’ll be a success, because one thing for certain is that the crowd will be there, they’ll sell-out every week and it’ll be a great atmosphere there.

(To survive the next season) It’s difficult but they’ve got the manager to do it. He needs players; there’s only so much you can do, you need the players to do that.

Newcastle are better than I would say about four or five of those teams in the Premier League now, so if you can add players to that I’m sure Rafa will be saying: ‘Let’s finish mid-table going up'.

I’m sure under Rafa Benítez they’ll survive".

Chronicle, may 2017