Gerardo Torrado

Gerardo Torrado Díez de Bonilla.

CD Tenerife. Seasons 2000-2001.

Torrado states that he has a 'special affection' for Rafa Benítez
The Mexican midfielder from Sevilla FC, Gerardo Torrado, points out that in this Sunday’s match against Valencia, the league leaders, he will meet up again with his coach from last season at Tenerife, now the Valencia coach, Rafa Benítez, who he states he has a 'special affection' for.

"Benítez gave me the opportunity last year to play in Spain and to have some continuity. I am going to greet him with gratitude and a lot of affection, as well as the other great friends I have at Valencia" said the Mexican international alluding to his ex-colleagues at Tenerife, Curro Torres and Miguel Angel Ferrer “Mista”. According to the Sevilla midfielder, Rafa Benítez 'has done a great job, he has brought the group together well and he has his team at the top’. Gerardo Torrado, despite the great potential of their opposition, is confident of Sevilla’s options and declared that what concerns him most about Valencia is 'the togetherness, their great compactness and balance in both attack and defence'.

Diario Critico Comunitat Valenciana, 09-03-2002