Rafa Benítez Highlights before Southampton

Some comments about the Everton game made by Rafa in the press conference today

18/04/2019Various Media



About his contract: "We are at the same point. No news. I am focusing on getting the job done and getting three points against Southampton".

"Our conversations are about that. How much can we spend as other teams are spending a lot of money, I understand as it is your job. I am concentrating on winning games and waiting for news."

"We sent Florian to Rome and he’s doing a great job already. Now it depends on the doctor. The doctor told me rehab has started and it’s quite quick".

"Sean Longstaff is working again and getting stronger. The rest of the players are fine",


"I am not happy when I see all the stories about Ritchie (talking with me about his future) because they are not true. My job is to prepare Ritchie for the next games. I cannot give any advice about the future because I finish my contract on June 30".

"It was not accurate. It was not right. It cannot [be right]. If I don't have a contract after this month, how can I say to him I want to give you a contract. I have had some players talking with me but I told them 'listen, you have to talk with the club not with me'.

"At the moment the only thing I can do is make sure they are fit and they are ready - that is it."