Rafa BenÝtez Highlights before Shenzhen


"We did so well in last game , we just conceded the late goal. You have to start giving confidence to your players, explaining to them that we have to keep going. But as I said in the whole competition the team was doing well and was very close in every game. I have to repeat the same message: Young players need time".

"It is a pity because this form of competiton is too short for us. Obviously when you play 3 games in a few days, like we play now, you do not have time to coach your players and improve things. In the normal former competition, you have one week. You can carry on training and improve things. It will be much better for us to have a long competition. But it is what we have and we have to adapt".

"We encourage our players in every execise. They have to try, to shoot, to score. So that is the main thing. I think we had 45 cross the other day. It is enough play chances to score a goal. Maybe we have to creat more clear chances".

"From the first day, I have said to our group of players that they have to try and try and try again. If they made mistakes, I do not care. They have to learn why they made these mistakes and try to improve in the next time. It is a question of time".