Rafa BenÝtez Highlights before Jiangsu Suning


"We have confidence because we have been winning games. So, in terms of training sessions, the preparation is very similar. We respect the other team. It is like play against the top sides".

"When I was in Valencia, Liverpool and Napoli, the fans were very close to the team, they waited for the team after every match and sang in the airport. Yes, we could hear the fans and I am really pleased because they are happy with the team. We appreciate that. We will do our best also for them".

"Every player has his own characteristics. They can improve in different ways. We have to give them something and the things I like from Sun Bo, for example, is that he has the quality, the ability. He can make a difference during the games. He knows he must be more consistent, and he can be more consistent. I am really pleased with his reactions in the last game".

"Especially for the Chinese players, it is more about confidence. With more confidence, he can try to do more things. If you have more determination to make more difference, especially for an offensive player".

"It is important for the Chinese players to understand that we have to be ready for training sessions and competitions, for both at the same level".