Rafa BenÝtez Highlights before Henan Jianye

Some comments from Rafa Benítez in the press conference before the second match of CSL against Henan Jianye


"After winning Shandong Luneng, obviously we have more confidence. But still we have to keep improving, keep working hard. If we want to enjoy the last three points, we have to try to get three points in the next game. That is it".

"In the second half against Shenzhen, in the games against Guangzhou Evergrande and Shandong Luneng, we can see the team is growing confident, is getting better and we get the three points because the team is doing well".

"Normally when you have an injury and it needs 2 weeks to recover, it means two games. But in this kind of competition, when you have an injury needing 2 weeks to recover, you can miss 3 or 4 games. That is the problem".

"When you have chance to sign players, you have to keep looking for the right ones. Because of the rules in China, you find the players you want and the teams at the top of the tables won’t sell them. Maybe you can find someone, but it is not easy and we are working on that".

"In the meantime, what we try to do is to improve the players we have. So we have young players, we can coach them, improve them. Hopefully, if they are doing well, we do not need to bring anyone. But we have to be open to any opportunity".

"We have confidence to win because we are doing well, we are training well, the players are improving. But it does not mean we have over-confidence".

"So, confidence? Yes, because we trust our players. Over-confidence? No, because we have a lot of expectations for the team and that is football, anything can happen in football".

"In terms of how to approach the game, if they play with one striker or two strikers, it depends. We can send more defenders, maybe we can control them. Or we can put more offensive players, press higher, and then we can control them because they won’t receive balls. So, we will try to find the balance between both things".