Rafa BenÝtez Highlights before Henan Jianye

Words of Rafa Benítez in his latest press conference prior to the game against Henan Jianye


"We said that this phase of the competition would be very special becauce we have to play in a few days for the next few games. And you have some time to recover, but not too much time to prepare the games".

"When you prepare a game, you analyze all the information you can gather of the other team and we did it. But in the new season you don’t have too much information from this year"

"We have seen that Henan is a team with great potential. They work really hard. They are well organized and they can score goals. They conceded goals against good teams, but they can score goals".

"We know how they play. We know how they approach the game. In football, you have game plan. But it depends on the pitch whether you are right or wrong".

"Like I said before, it is a young team. So we are in the learning process. What I try to do in this situation is to use people like Rondon with experience. The experieced players can help the young players. The young players will need some time to learn and to progress".