Rafa Benítez Highlights before Fulham

10/05/2019Various Media



"It is exactly the same line, we will have a meeting for sure and then let you know when we have info. We just have to concentrate on game. I will be around after Sunday (to talk) . I don’t need too much time on holiday - 1 week later on is good for me".

"(Preseason trip to China) It is not ideal for the preparation or the manager, but I have done it before at other clubs and it is for commercial reasons. You have to do what you have to do".

"We have more or less the same problems as before. Ki has a small knee problem that is not serious but we don’t want to take any risks".

"It was the same last year, but Ayoze improves when the weather improves! He is doing well and now it is easy to talk about his future. When you do well at your level, teams around you get interested. It is too early to talk about players’ future".

"Last year we finished 10th with 44 points. This year already 10th has 50 points, so this season was more difficult. It was a great achievement what we have done. It could be better, but we were safe with 3 games to play, and that was very good".

"We didn’t realise last year that to finish 10th was a miracle. It was impossible to think we could finish 7th this year. You can be lucky 1 year but to be consistent you need right things in place. Teams spent £100m - so to be where we are is a great achievement".

"We have one game left to play. We have to try and do well, we want to finish one place higher if we can. I have some players asking me questions about the future, but still we don’t know. We’ve waited 8 months, so we can wait another 10 days".

"This week has been an amazing week of football. Congratulations to all of the English teams for this great achievement. The semi-finals were all really great games. The PL is the strongest league in the world now".

"We played against Liverpool last weekend and we knew the intensity they had. It was a surprise that Barcelona did not react in the way we know they can”.

"I know directly because I spoke with both of them. It was impossible to keep some of these players when the team was relegated. They had very good offers to go and we could not keep them. We couldn’t stop them. We did well with the prices".


"I will see what Rondón is saying, I talk with him every day. Everybody is really pleased because he has played really well for us, he was a key player in our achievements".

"It's very easy to say we have to sign him, but still we have to decide what is going on with me. Obviously he has to wait and see what happens with West Bromich Albion so all these things will have to wait a couple of weeks and after that we will know".

"I understand you have to ask and I will say the same to all the fans but we have to wait and in ten days we will know what's going on".

"It's just common sense because with another manager he might want to change Salomón Rondón, so it depends on these things and after you can move forward. It's not just the decision, you have the play-offs and you will have a better idea of what is going on there".