Rafa Benítez Highlights before Wolverhampton

Here are some comments about the Wolverhampton game and other issues made by Rafa in the press conference today

08/02/2019Various Media



"I think Almirón has adapted fine. Training has been OK. He is a fit, mobile, dynamic lad. People talk abort the physicality, so we will see how he copes. What I can say about Miguel is that he’s a nice lad, a worker and is very professional. He will be fine".

"Always it’s important to have everyone fit if possible. Players can be more tired and it is a more risky time for everyone. They accumulate so many minutes but it is good to have bodies and competition. Shelvey is close, he has trained outside, but one or two weeks".

"We are much better. Apart from Jonjo and Elliot, everyone else is fit and available. They have been training. We have big decisions to make on both the starting XI and the squad in general. It is good news and competition is good".

"We will try to do it (travel to Spain) because it is important when you have so many days and you have new players it’s time to adjust things. We are not going on holiday, we are working. The friendly will give players a good opportunity to play a game".

"Barreca is doing OK. His English is worse than Almiron’s, but we can communicate with him in Italian. He knows what we want and this week away will be a good chance for him to integrate. He is another one who needs time but he is really focused too".

"When you have this situation (playing on Monday) then you know we have to wait over the weekend. You cannot chance anything, you just have to prepare your game properly and make sure the games aren’t affected by the other results.Normally our fans are travelling more than anyone and the timing has been really bad. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but it is a pity for our fans. It doesn’t depend on us though unfortunately".


"Almirón is fine, he is training okay, he is fit, he has good stamina and pace. He is quite mobile, quite dynamic. Now the question mark is what will happen with the physicality of the Premier League? What's the difference between the MLS and the Premier League? All these things we know but we will see how he copes with that but at the moment he is okay with the training sessions".

"For some players it is more difficult because they cannot communicate but he can talk with a lot of players in Spanish and he understands English perfectly so it's not an issue for him".

"Players cannot think too much about the price. They have to think about what they can do on the pitch, what they can give the team. I think he has the right mentality in terms of that".