Rafa Benítez Highlights before West Ham

01/03/2019Various Media



"We're talking about a young player (Sean Longstaff) from our system not from the Premier League. He's played well vs Chelsea and all these teams. You have to give him credit, not just for playing well, but the way he is handling the situation. I hope he wins it. I think he has to win it because when you compare him with the other players this is just a young lad."

"Jonjo will play for the U23s today. He asked to play."

"It will be a tough game against West Ham and we must stay focused".

"We have the same situation. We're still not safe or guaranteed to have our Premier League position, We need to concentrate and then we can talk about anything."

"We knew it would be a tough season, and still it will be a tough season but we were confident we could do it after the trip to Spain. I think it's quite positive, because if you win everyone is happy. They care, they try really hard, and in the end you get the results. Still we have a lot of work to do."


"We have to stay calm, we have to approach every game with the same idea that we had from day one: one game at a time, the next one is the most important, the next one is a final for us.

"If we do that, if we get 38 points, 40 points, whatever, then we can keep pushing and enjoy it a little bit more if it's possible."


"Three or four weeks ago we were thinking it would be very, very difficult, now we are starting to talk about, 'Maybe you can finish 10th'.

"I have said in a lot of interviews that the Fulham game, the last one of the season, will be the most important – hopefully not, but we have to make sure that we continue doing things in the same way that we are doing already.”