Rafa BenÝtez: Highlights before Fulham

21/12/2018Various Media



"We have no news on transfers and no news on the takeover. We are doing more or less fine and everyone is focused at our club. It hasn’t affected us all the talk".

"We are in a good position, hopefully we can win against Fulham and, if we do that, then we have another difficult run. We have done well during this important period. We have to stay calm, don’t panic like in Dad’s Army, and carry on because it’s a long, long season".

"Teams are more open when you are away and you can exploit the counter-atack. At home normally it is the opposite. It is a question of the other team and also being precise in the final third at home. That’s what we need to do".

"I think it’s not fair to compare them (Mitrovic and Rondón) because they are different players in different teams at different times. We wanted a physical striker with more mobility as we don’t have much possession. That’s why I wanted Salomon. But he has to keep scoring".

"As a manager you don’t want to see another manager lose their job. It affects us for our game on January 2 and our analysis team need to now look at how their tactics might change for when we play".


'In life, but especially in football, it's important to understand the context of every situation.

"We are talking about Mitrovic here and it's true that the was sent off in some games or he was banned for an elbow and things like that, but now he is doing well. He was not scoring as many goals as we were expecting for us. Fine, but it doesn't mean that he's not a good player and he can't score a lot of goals for Fulham, and he's doing that".