Rafa Benítez Highlights before Everton

Some comments about the Everton game made by Rafa in the press conference today

08/03/2019Various Media



Rafa Benítez talking about Sean Longstaff's injury: "It is a serious injury, but not so serious, It won't be an issue for his future.

"Talking with him, he is fine. Mentally he is strong. It happens in football and he said, “Now I have to start working”. His reaction has been positive. We are really disappointed, because he was a young player doing so well, but he has taken it really well in terms of his approach. We knew right away after the game it was quite serious, but the good news it's not as bad as it could be."

"For example, it is not as bad as Florian Lejeune's (earlier this season) and he was back playing within four months. With modern (treatment) techniques, he will be fine."

"Looking at the bigger picture, I think we have the potential to be at the same level as Everton"

"I don’t think it’s impossible to compete against some of the top six. But these positions from seventh to 10th, I think there are four or five big clubs who can be there, depending on whether you do things right."

"Always when you are happy in a place, it is not easy to leave. But at the same time, you want to compete, you want to do well and you want to improve. You want to be a better manager, winning something. We have to be sure we can do that."


"We have four midfielders so we have to make a decision. It is bad news for Longstaff, but it could be good news for somebody else."

"At the beginning we played top sides, but now we have gained confidence we didn't have before. The team is playing well, the fans are supporting the players and the atmosphere has been positive. The passion is helping us."

"I was trying to avoid over-confidence in the group before the West Ham game but sometimes you can't. We won't make the same mistake. Everton is another final for us. We did well at Goodison Park, we played well, but they good players and it will be a tough, tough game".

"I am happy. The first few months we did not do as well as we wanted. But then we promoted at the first attempt was good, we enjoyed it, then to finish 10th was a great achievement. Hopefully it is the same this year".


"I'm quite happy here, but imagine if things go wrong. People were saying before the West Ham game that we are nearly there, safe, blah blah."

"[We] could be, but then you lose one game and we have to play against Everton who are a good team and then we have to play against Bournemouth. In a couple of weeks, we could be close to the bottom three. You have to realise how important it is to get the points and then we will analyse the other things."