Rafa Benítez: Highlights before Everton

04/12/2018Various Media


"We have been in this position in the past. We have to carry on. We have an important game to play and we have to focus on that. I was talking today with Lee Charnley and the message is very clear - it is business as usual. We have had this before and we have to concentrate on the game. For us, it is really business as usual".

"All I have done is prepare the players for the game. We have been working on January, we will continue working on the same ideas, keep looking at the targets & get ready for January 1. I have no other answers on that".

"December will be crucial because there is seven games. The difference between us is one point or one game and it will be like that until the end of the season".

"We played against a good team in West Ham, we made mistakes, they scored, and then it was more difficult for us. We took more risks & they punished us. We have to get back to what we do well".

"Every game for us is a final. Everton have spent a lot of money, they are a great team with a good player and good managers. Every game is tough for us in the PL. They did well in the derby. It will be a tough game".

"We know Ayo really well and the fact we can talk in Spanish is easier for us to express what we want to. He is working so hard. He missed chances, but he is doing a great job for the team. He was our top scorer last season, and he is an important player for us ".

"Every game for us is a final, every game is quite difficult... It will be a tough game, like always in the Premier League".