Rafa Benítez Highlights before Cardiff

Here are some comments about the Cardiff game made by Rafa in the press conference today

18/01/2019Various Media



"We have to assess some players because we have a lot of knocks. I am optimistic. We have the same problems we had, but I am quite optimistic with Clark, Hayden, Lascelles, Diame and Schar that they will be available. Shelvey and Dummett are still unavailable".

"I can assure you we were working for a while and we will keep working".

"Longstaff has been training for a while, and we knew his potential. We had confidence he would do well. Roberts did well for the U23s and it is good news for us and them that they did well. With the prices in the market now, Academy players are so important".

"We had a lot of teams asking to take Longstaff on loan this month. I told them to wait. He has had opportunities because of injuries. He is working so hard and is learning. He is doing well".

“You know I will not talk about the transfer window, but we have to keep working hard and stay together. We won a Cup game, we played a strong team, we had 2,500 fans behind the team, and that is key for the future".

“My analysis is very simple. We must play at home against Burnley, Palace and Huddersfield after this who maybe we can beat at home, too. This is a big game, and we want to win; it is not rocket science. But we have to keep going even if we win, or if we don't".


"We want to stay up and we need every single fan behind the players, every player giving everything, and every member of the staff trying to do our best".

"So I think it is very clear if we are not doing well, they have to be there [and] if we are doing well, we will enjoy like we did the other day."

'We will play against Cardiff City now - what is the game-plan they will have? From the beginning, they will try to stop our team trying to do what we want to do to be sure that the fans are a little bit nervous and a little bit anxious.

'Again the message is very clear: stay together behind the team, keep pushing, keep helping the players because it is our team. If we want to stay up, we need every single fans behind the players, every player giving everything and every member of staff trying to do our best.'