Rafa Benítez Highlights before Burnley

 Here are some comments about the Burnley game made by Rafa in the press conference today

25/02/2019Various Media



"Almiron did really well. We knew he could give us pace and energy, and everything we were expecting from him he did. He has no problems with physicality. He is trying to keep his style. He is not scared and hopefully he will not get any bad tackles now".

"The fans was delighted with Almiron’s contribution and you could feel the crowd get excited. Maybe I was the most nervous person in the ground on Saturday because I knew how important the first goal was. But we did well and, in the end, the fans appreciated that".

"Almiron did not have to play because you pay more or less for a player. It’s because we knew what he would bring and he is focused on doing that. I am not surprised because I knew how good he was, but I am surprised because you are never sure with the PL".

"Morale is fine. Everybody is almost fit, we are winning, we play well, we create chance, but there is a problem for me because I have to make a decision about the matchday squad. But everyone is training well. Everyone are great professionals. Only Clark/Elliot out".

We did well at this stage last year and we know how difficult Burnley will be. We approach this game with no complacency. We had control against Huddersfield, which is not just about possession, and we created chances. I hope we can do that again and carry on".

"We knew what we were looking for. We knew him, we knew he had PL experience, and we wanted this kind of striker. Salomon gives us mobility, he is strong and good in the air. He was desperate to come, so he is someone who has proved he can do a job for the team".


"I think this year will be less than 40 points. In my experience, last year I was talking about 40, this year I think 38 could be fine. Even maybe less, but it depends".


When he was asked about his inclusion in the shortlist of Leicester future coaches, Benítez answered: "Short? It's not very short, it's quite long now. I think you know my answer. I am really focusing on the next games. I know we have to do a job, I know that we have to stay up and if we want to do that, I think we have to just stay focused on that.

"I understand with the issue about my contract and now this position, it's something that you have to ask, but at the same time, you have to understand that my main target now is to get three points against Burnley. I think they will be happy if we get three points against Burnley".