Rafa Benítez Highlights before Brighton

26/04/2019Various Media



"You know what my answer (about my future), is we have to wait. For us the main thing is to concentrate on the games. If we have any news you will know. We have conversations, sometimes Lee Charnley comes with us to the games. We can talk about serious things".

"It is important to do business early. You can talk to different players in different leagues. Sometimes you have to wait. We just have to make sure we do things we want to do".

"We know Brighton and Hughton. It is more difficult this year. More so than the previous one. It’s not easy".

“I want to compete in cups but you can’t if you are at the bottom. If we do the right things we can compete".

“They could bring another manager and he could be happy with 15th, I want to do more".

“I’m 100% behind the 'United as One' initiative. It is a magnificent initiative. We can influence things in a little way from our position, so it is very important”.
“The thing that took us through to safety was the belief. We analysed the games we were losing and we saw how close we were to winning early in the season. If you are competitive, you have a chance. We have balance; we create but we defend, too”.

“Almiron is out for at least 3 weeks but we will see how he progresses. He has had his treatment & now he is positive. Lascelles is out of this game as well with a stomach illness. We have some knocks, but Schar and Hayden for me should be fit".

"With Almiron now, Rondon and Ayoze have more chances, and Atsu is doing great as well. But when you have players who link well, then it means everything you do gets better. He scored 3 goals, he has quality, he’s great, but he knows he has to be more consistent".

"When I was talking about a ‘miracle’, some people said I was wrong, but the players reacted. I want to compete and try to win trophies, but you cannot compete in the cups when you are at the bottom and have players injured. It is so simple to understand".

"I don’t say now that we should be competing for 7th-10th only now; I said this 3 years ago. This club is massive. My memories of Newcastle when I was at Liverpool was a massive club that should be in the top 10 every season".


"It's a difficult situation for Brighton and they will have to attack us. We're professionals and we have to try to win, it's as simple as that".

"We still have three important games to play. Some people will say they're not important because we're safe, but they're important for us, for our fans, and for a lot of other teams".

"I don't like to go on the TV too much because I like to analyse things in a professional way and with respect for other managers, and I don't think that's interesting for anyone".