Benitez: "We lacked goals, but we were better than Roma"

Coach of the 'Azzurri' regrets the loss, but emphasizes the character and the game played by his team


Rafa Benitez analyzed the reasons his team lost in the Olympic Stadium in Rome, without dwelling on particular aspects: "We lacked the goal and that was the key, but I understand that today we have exceeded Roma, who has won the game. " Benitez Napoli has faced the league leaders and stated, "we can keep our heads high despite what can be deduced from the outcome of the meeting".

"From my point of view, we have done much better than them in the first half and the proof is that we created two clear chances", said the Spanish coach at the post match press conference, clarifying that "in the second half we had control for twenty minutes and it was going very well in the match after the break. But the penalty changed the game, completely and without interruption".

Focusing on the subject in what happened with the seventy minute penalty, ultimately leading to the two nil score, Rafa Benitez said categorically that "it is clear that if Roma can play with 11 players behind the ball after being ahead on the scoreboard, it is quite difficult to win for the team that is ahead. Against a team as strong, such as the Roma, conceding a goal in the last minute of the extension of the first half and another from the penalty spot a little later, especially when we were playing better is a difficult challenge, almost impossible for anyone. But we tried. What I liked about what my team has put out on the pitch, especially when circumstances were adverse, the character of the group that has been evidenced in many phases of the game", added Benitez looking for a postive side to the night after the defeat in the 'Olympic'.

However, despite all this, the Napoli coach tried to stop it patently clear that there are no options for the championship: "We have said by active and passive, no matter what happened, there was a absolutely decisive match. We have to get other readings, we must insist on others. So I can say we have done everything right and we have lacked just score a goal "claimed the coach. So from here and after this marker", we must continue with confidence because we have our options and have been very clear. If Pandev, for instance, had scored in his one on one with Morgan and Illustrious had done the same when he had time and crashed the ball in the post, we'd be talking about a totally different game. We must insist, we have lacked just the goal".

The penalty has been questionable for some, and was last seen in the press room, but did not seek excuses Benitez is clear that "I'm not one to say if it's a penalty or not, I'm here to say that my team has done very well so far, the maximum penalty. But I can say that the contacts in the area account for fifty percent of the matches and then decisions are worth taking the time referees to interpret".

When asked about the ownership of Pandev instead of Higuain, Benitez replied: "I decided, in the circumstances, it was best to start with Pandev instead of Gonzalo".