Repubblica: Napoli would win the ‘best performance scudetto’

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07/01/2015Calcio Napoli 24/

According to an article in the Italian national newspaper ´La Repubblica´ the ´scudetto´ for best performance is won by Napoli. Maurizio Viscidi, Sacchi´s student and one of the most important Italian football theorists analysed some relevant statistics: "The philosophical question we ask ourselves is well known by all: football is one of the most inaccurate sports, on occasions the winner is the worst performer. However, knowing this inescapable fact, is there an objective parameter available that could establish who has performed Imagenbetter? According to Maurizio Viscidi, current vice coordinator of the lower categories of the Italian national team, there is. He has proposed an original unit of measure naming it the ‘team’s attacking index’. By finding the difference between this value and the index of defensive risk one can accurately find the level of efficiency of a team.

To obtain the most exact measurement possible, it selects eleven types of important events during games: penalties, chances at goal, prominent activity, finishing outside the box, crosses finishing in headers, crosses not including headers, crosses into the box, corners, wide and central free kicks. Each one is assigned a rating based on its importance. The mathematical sum of these events, multiplied by the individual measurements, shows the ‘team’s attacking index’, meanwhile the defensive strength of a team can be derived by finding the difference between this rating and the opposition’s team attacking index (level of attacking strength minus level of danger received). This illustrates the ´Scudetto´ according to each team´s level of efficiency. The classification of the Serie A according to this index and as stated by the statistics provided by SICS (the software and data analysis company that has provided these measurements), shows that Juventus has a rating of 40.9, Roma a little less and SSC Napoli as the top team in attacking strength with an average of 74.4 per game. SSC Napoli´s top figures were obtained in their 6-2 win against Verona with 121 points. Furthermore the most spectacular game in general was Cagliari versus Fiorentina which ended 0-4, with 90 and 103 points respectively and 13 chances at goal. The objective conclusion reached shows that in Italy teams win thanks to defensive play. This is confirmed by the offensive game of Zeman and the solidity of Juventus, the latter with 28.2 points per game, and a record achieved against Cesena with just 4 points, basically a corner and little more.