BenÝtez: "The team looked good, was organised and created chances"


Rafa Benítez offered his thoughts on the Whites' first pre-season encounter: "There were plenty of positives, the team put good pressure on and created chances. We just have to take those chances. We've only been working for 5 days and it's normal that we're not quite at full speed. The team looked good to me in a number of areas, but we still have to make adjustments".

"The most positive thing about the team was that it pressed well, was pretty organised and won balls back. We enjoyed control and carved out dangerous situations; the final one for Lucas was a pretty clear one. The team needs to be given time. In the first half we enjoyed better control and got ourselves into good attacking positions; in the second we showed more energy".

"The system is defined by the movements the players make out on the pitch. In these games, it doesn't make sense to highlight particular players unless they score a hat-trick and it's really clear-cut. Everyone did what was needed to bring the team solidity. I think that the team was solid."

Signing of Casilla

"I prefer to talk about the goalkeepers and the players we have with us. When Casilla arrives, we'll work with him. His arrival means that there is increased competition and we're happy".

Pre-season work

"The team has a very good attitude and is showing desire in its work. It was a shame not to be able to give Lazo and Llorente a game, but this is intense training that's about getting up to speed. Pre-seasons are there to work hard and look at players. Those who aren't so established have to work hard to show that they want to be here, that's the norm in all pre-seasons".