Benítez: "We are focused on Getafe"


Rafa Benítez, Real Madrid head coach, spoke to the media in the press room at the Sports city a day before the league game against Getafe. The manager analysed the game against the Madrid side at the Santiago Bernabéu: "We have to be focused as soon as possible and make the most of our quality, circumstances and know that it is not going to be easy. There is no other choice but to maintain maximum intensity from start to finish".

"Getafe are a good side, and they are well managed. They are a group that know what needs to be done and they do it well. We have obtained three consecutive victories and, despite the injuries, we have not lost competitiveness. It is a long road. We are doing better than what many people think and we have to prove that on the pitch in every game".


"They are doing well. They are a team that are used to handling burdens and demand. It is important to get players back because that will allow us to manage the squad better and be competitive until the end".


"We have seen similar circumstances in other sides around the world and there are many causes. We have been affected by problems that are inherent to an intense season and those that resulted from national teams. That means that players are unable to rest, they over exert themselves, therefore the level of risk increases".


"More attention is paid to the greatest club in the world, but I know what it is about and we are clear about the path, which is what I was taught here so many years ago: working and focusing on matches".

"I am confident that the fans at the Santiago Bernabéu will support their team as always. They are crucial for us and I hope that they will help us because the key is to keep winning games and adding points in order to be in the hunt for the league. The fans are important for us and they know it as they have helped to make the difference on several occasions".


"He is a vital player for us, he has an abundance of quality and he helps his teammates play better. He will feature and may start the game. Like anyone else, Karim must be granted the presumption of innocence".


"Real Madrid Castilla are a professional side, therefore he is ready to train on a professional level, and he is doing a great job".


"We returned from the trip and we are now focusing on the game against Getafe. Everything relating to what happened has already been explained by the president and there is nothing more to say. I don't want to go into that anymore. We know nothing about the ruling and we are waiting for it to be made. Real Madrid have already given a sufficiently reasonable explanation, and today, there is no more analysis to offer aside from that which has already been made".


"He is doing well, he has worked well and knows the importance of getting the three points tomorrow".


"I am professional and have the responsibility of trying to do things well with Real Madrid. I don't go into those matters".