I have always believed that those of us who work in jobs that we love are privileged and yet, with less effort than we think, some of us are also in a position to help others.

Setting up a website is an opportunity to prioritise everything that you do day to day. For some time, my wife and I, and other people around me, have been involved with different charity organisations.

Here are some charities with whom we have been involved or are still involved with today.

This webpage will enable us to co-ordinate this support better and at the same time to be more effective; your interest or your involvement would be welcome.

The MBF was created to help raise funds to share with different local charities in Merseyside and the Wirral. The chosen charities should have preferably an annual fund pot under £15,000 and also should be completely independent. The MBF will organise different events such golf days, ladies' lunches, dinners, days at the races ... and ALL the money raised will go straight to the charities selected. We hope that you will feel able to help us and therefore help our community.Imagen


Trustees: Rafa Benitez, Montse S. Benitez & Linda M. Weston.

Chairman: Montse S. Benitez.

Secretary: Linda M. Weston.

Treasurer: Christopher P. Weston.

Directors: Montse S. Benitez, Linda M. Weston & Christopher P. Weston. 

The Montse Benítez Charitable Foundation is a Limited Company, registered in England and Wales, 

 Company number: 07740780 and Registered at the Charity Commission with the number: 1143670.

 The Registered Office Address is: 1, St Paul's Square, Liverpool L3 9SJ