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According to Opta, the average number of free kicks per game in England, Spain and Germany is 23.1, 29.3 and 32.9 respectively. Do you think that this has an influence on the style of play in each league?





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23/11/11 at 18:35:04 #1
I think so because the defenders can be more aggressive in the Premier League and the strikers are more protected in the other leagues.
23/11/11 at 21:36:14 #2
Aliester Crowley
Yes, I think it has an influence.In England tackles happen which would be punished more in Europe. Of course this has an effect when English teams play in UEFA competitions and come against a sterner kind of referee,where the whole of the law is applied.In England there is more latitude to do as you will on the field of play.
23/11/11 at 21:39:49 #3
Gundele Gaukele
In Europe maybe more spectacularing free kicks are scored as a result of this.
In England more open play and deep penetration.
29/11/11 at 16:43:30 #4
Probably so. And probably more so when the international teams play, as we saw with England v Spain recently. The England goal was a result of a set piece.

I'm quite surprised that the German league leads amongst the 3 leagues you mention. Any stat on Italy ?

Yes. In Italy it is 30.9
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