Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri

As a Player:
UC Cuoiopelli: 1984-1985
AS Livorno: 1985-1988
AC Pisa: 1988-1989
AS Livorno: 1989-1990
AC Pavia: 1990-1991
Pescara Calcio: 1991-1993
Cagiari Calcio: 1993-1995
Perugia Calcio: 1995-1997
Calcio Padova: 1997
SSC Napoli: 1997-1998
Pescara Calcio: 1998-2000
AC Pistoiese: 2000-2001
AC Aglianese: 2001-2003

As a Coach:
AC Aglianese: 2003-2004
SP Ars et Labor: 2004-2005
US Grosseto: 2005-2006
US Sassuolo: 2007-2008
Cagliari Calcio: 2008-2010
AC Milan: 2010-2014
Juventus FC: 2014-Actualidad

"Working for Real Madrid isn't easy. Benitez did really well at Napoli and Liverpool I'm convinced that Real Madrid will do well with him, he has great players in the bench".

Press Conference. December 2015