Giovanni Galeone

Giovanni Galeone.
Giovanni Galeone.

As a Coach:

1974-1975 Udinese
1975-1976 Pordenone
1976-1977 Adriese
1978-1979 Cremonese
1979-1980 Sangiovannese
1980-1981 Grosseto
1981-1983 Udinese
1983-1986 SPAL
1986-1989 Pescara
1989-1990 Como
1990-1993 Pescara
1994-1995 Udinese
1995-1997 Perugia
1997-1998 Napoli
1999-2001 Pescara
2003-2004 Ancona
2005-2007 Udinese

"The work done by Rafa Benítez in Napoli has meant a radical change in just one year." Many players have arrived, it was a new team with respect to the previous season. The Spanish coach, in this period, changed both the game system and the mentality of the whole group. In addition, Rafa Benítez has elevated Napoli throughout Europe and turned it into an international name".

"(Rudi García and Benitez) are coaches who promote a style of play in which it is very important not to give up possession of the ball to the opponents. They seek to dominate the game, but if the other team is clearly superior they can still win. Coaches such as Benitez are able to add personality to the team. He is not just a good trainer - he is a very great coach".