Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri.
Claudio Ranieri.

As a Player:
Roma: 1973-1974
Catanzaro: 1974-1982
Catania: 1982-1984
Palermo: 1984-1986

As a Coach:
Vigor Lamezia: 1986-1987
Puteolana: 1987-1988
Cagliari: 1988-1991
Napoli: 1991-1993
Fiorentina: 1993-1997
Valencia: 1997-1999
Atlético de Madrid: 1999-2000
Chelsea: 2000-2004
Valencia: 2004-2005
Parma: 2007
Juventus: 2007-2009
Roma: 2009-2011
Inter Milan: 2011-2012
Monaco: 2012-2014
Greece: 2014
Leicester City: 2015-2017

"I was surprised (Rafa Benítez stayed at Newcastle) but he believed that they would be promoted. He now knows that everyone’s behind him and I think that he can do a very good job next season. Newcastle United can be between the middle and high positions. They do have fantastic fans and I think he (Benítez) can achieve this".

Sky Sports, may 2017