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Oct 2011
Tactics, Emotion and Tears

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Rafa Benítez

For all those fans who are interested in the Audience, this is the last article which we will publish from the subjects covered that night.

We have covered subjects such as ‘zonal marking’, rotation, squad values and finances, and now we will look at tactics and truths about Istanbul.

At the Audience on 16th October we showed slides of my notes, the tactics used and some video clips to clarify what we were describing.

With a special app, you could see the systems of both teams on a big screen (see picture)

We talked about the game in chronological order, the Kewell substitution who was injured and replaced by Smicer who played on the right and Luis García as a second striker to carry on the work done by Kewell, like marking Pirlo out of possession but moving to either side of him when in possession to receive the ball between lines.

We showed the problems that Kaka was causing between the lines and the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.
We explained the change we made in the second half playing 3-4-2-1, with Hamann in centre midfield to control Kaka better and how this influenced the result.
We explained in pictures the influence of Gerrard as a right back to stop Serginho who had come on with fresh legs and was operating on the left, and finally we analysed the penalties, the order of the players taking them and the technical staff’s notes (like those of the goalie coach Ochotorena) we had on the AC Milan penalty takers which helped Dudek with his antics to save the penalties.

In the end, tactics, emotion - a lot of emotion - and tears of joy from winning the Champions League, the most emotional final in history and the 5th European Cup won by Liverpool FC to keep it for good.

To conclude, as you know, the money raised will benefit many people in Merseyside so I would like to thank all those who attended and supported the local charities and the Montse Benitez Foundation.