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Jun 2012
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Spain had to go to penalties to eliminate Portugal and seal their ticket to their third consecutive final in a great international tournament, something only Germany did in the 70s. The last two competitions, the European Cup 2008 and the World Cup 2010, were won by Spain and on Sunday they will have the opportunity to make history becoming the only team to win the treble. Germany, who could be their opponent if they eliminate Italy, actually went out on penalties when they faced the former Czech Republic in the final of Euro 76 which took place in the former Yugoslavia.

As expected, it was not an easy game for Spain. Historically, Portugal have always been difficult opposition, maybe because of the familiarity and rivalry both teams have due to their geographic proximity. Portugal faced the game without any fear, with the advantage of some extra days rest, with the same team and formation they have been playing throughout the whole of the tournament -with the obligatory change of Almeida for Helder Postiga, who was injured- and mainly with the idea of not giving Del Bosque’s team a moment to think. Their plan was clear: press high and with intensity, which forced the Spanish defenders to play with Casillas so he could play long balls to Negredo, who yesterday played as centre forward. This is exactly the opposite of what the current World Champions like to do, namely passing the ball out from the back.

Portugal started the game with a 1-4-3-3 formation pressing high and with intensity and with tight marking on Xavi Hernandez, Sergio Busquets and Xabi Alonso in the midfield, which made the usual supply of balls to David Silva and Andres Iniesta very difficult. The Portuguese game was built on that defensive approach and then using direct play, looking for Hugo Alemeida, but without much effect, and also quick counterattacks by Cristiano Ronaldo or Nani but with little support.

As for Spain, they started the game again 1-4-3-3 with Alvaro Negredo as striker, a surprise from Vicente Del Bosque as many expected Cesc Fabregas and also Fernando Torres in the 11 starters. The Portuguese pressing made Spain play more long balls than usual from the back with Negredo as the target man for this style of play. However, it wasn’t very effective.

There were few chances to score. Alvaro Arbeloa for Spain and a counterattack by Cristiano Ronaldo were the most significant attempts in a first half in which there were no shots on target. The second half didn’t bring many more opportunities either.

No goals

As the second half started it looked as though it was going to be more of the same. Portugal pressed with very high intensity and physical effort and Spain were finding it hard to develop attacks. The question was if Portugal could keep up this intensity but Del Bosque couldn’t wait to see so he started to look for solutions. First he brought on Cesc Fabregas for Negredo trying to get more possession with the extra man in midfield and for him to get between the lines and taking away the target for Bruno Alves and Pepe the Portuguese centre backs who are used to dealing with a fixed striker. Still the Spanish attacks lacked ideas and Jesus Navas came on for David Silva to provide width and get 1v1 wide to unlock the Portuguese defence. Another attempt to unbalance and on 67 minutes Spain got their first shot on target.

As you would expect after such efforts, Portugal started to the tempo. Their plan was still the same, look for Cristiano Ronaldo or a set piece. The introduction of Oliveira for Hugo Almeida looked to get more mobility in attack. They clearly looked for pace up front and the fact that all the Portuguese defenders were on yellow cards was something else to put in the equation and Navas was more effective and was creating problems. Clearly if the Portuguese preesing was less intense and wasn’t as effective, they started to drop off and protect the goal.

Spain’s play was then based on lots of passes around the defenders because without a real striker as a target, they had to arrive from deep and use triangles. Pedro gave another option and in the last few minutes he just lacked that pace to get in on the goalkeeper and finish it off. Ronaldo also failed to use a dangerous counter attack in the 89th minute and extra time arrived.

Not much left in the tank

Portugal were beginning to fade and Spain were dominating the game more and more, the stats showing more possession, more shots, more corners and more passes compared to the previous 90 minutes. But above all, Spain were growing in confidence, felt more secure and pressed high and regained the ball earlier. Portugal committed more fouls, were arriving late foe 50-50 balls and their coach brought on Custodio and Varela for fresh legs. The options for Del Bosque were much more effective despite the scoreline. The width provided by Pedro and Navas along with Fabregas and Iniesta inside, supported by Alonso and Busquets was difficult to stop for a tiring opponent and they started to get chances. A clear chance for Iniesta which produced a reaction save from Rui Patricio and another for Jesus Navas also saved well by the Portuguese goalkeeper.


As it was still 0-0 despite all this, nerves take over in penalties. Alonso and Moutinho missed, one for both sides to start, and a mistake by Bruno Alves, with successful kicks by Iniesta, Piqué, Sergio Ramos and especially Fabregas was in the end enough bringing back memories of a few years ago against Italy and Spain went through to another European final. As we said, a great achievement to be the first squad to get to the final of Euros – World Cup – Euros. Let’s see what happens and enjoy it. Congratulations to Spain, Vicente and his staff, the players and the fans…Spain are in another final.

28/06/12 at 16:08:55 #1
Naveed Ahmad
In 2005, Steven Gerrard was our 5th penalty taker v AC Milan in the Champion's League Final. You have to trust your team mates to get you there.
28/06/12 at 19:01:24 #2
Portugal's tiring obviously had an effect in extra time but I felt Spain were better when Pedro and Navas because it gave them the extra penetration and width needed and allowed them to use their 1v1 ability effectively. You could argue that they are precisely the last type of substitutions a tired opposition would want to see but I'd personally start at least Pedro in the final because I think he can stretch either Italy or Germany both horizontally and vertically. Having that option from the wing, also allows them to act as a sort of pivot, though to be fair Iniesta and Silva do that well when they receive the ball between the lines with their back to goal.

I think the two holding players in possession of Alonso and Busquets has an impact on Xavi because he is unable to properly control games and ends up in their space when he drops to receive the ball. I don't think there is any problem with two holding players but I'd rather see Xavi get on the ball and have more freedom there.
28/06/12 at 23:14:57 #3
Ade Morris
Hi Rafa,

Two weeks ago you asked which teams were most likely to fall below expectations at the Euros?

Tonight the two teams I suggested would will compete in the final!
In January 2005 i wrote an angry letter to Rick Parry after the cup defeat to Burnley saying that even if we won the European Cup it would not take away the humiliation of that performance or words to that effect.
I tend to believe and talk about football as if I am the best coach the world has never had. It all goes to demonstrate that quality generally rises to the top and i know nothing of football at all!
29/06/12 at 13:30:57 #4
To: Ade Morris comment #3

"In January 2005 i wrote an angry letter to Rick Parry after the cup defeat to Burnley saying that even if we won the European Cup it would not take away the humiliation of that performance or words to that effect."

Hi Ade,

Bearing in mind all the squad limitations at the time, did Istanbul make up for it?
29/06/12 at 15:39:40 #5
Ade Morris
Apologies Rafa, I know that this is not a fan forum, but just to respond to V5's query, Istanbul remains one of the best nights of my 50 years existence for which I will remain forever grateful for. That squad did have quality, particularly with Alonso as its conductor.
29/06/12 at 18:39:46 #6
spain is meeting italy in the final.both are good teams.i hope both plays attacking game rather than play slow and cautiously game.best attacking team should win the game.i will be supporting spain,but i can't ignore italy,as they produce a superp play against germany.