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Feb 2013
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The Spanish National Team beat Uruguay (3-1) in an international friendly last wednesday. Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodríguez (twice) both scored for Spain whilst Cristian 'Cebolla' Rodríguez scored for Uruguay.

The international friendly was held in Doha mirroring the match that will take place next summer in Brazil, where the Confederations Cup will be hold.

Spain started the game with their usual 1-4-3-3 formation, with wingers Pedro Rodríguez and Juan Mata getting into the free spaces created by Fabregas in the center ot the Spanish attack. For their part, Uruguay displayed a 1-4-4-2 system with a defensive and compact low block, dropping off quickly after losing possession of the ball and trying to launch quick counterattacks. With this idea Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez showed great mobility trying to exploit the spaces left by the Spanish defence as they were high on the pitch, forcing Spain to concentrate on not giving the ball away in dangerous areas in order to prevent Uruguay's threatening offensive transitions. Spain dominated the game with plenty of possession, but their first two goals arrived after two defensive mistakes from Uruguay. The first goal arrived when a long range shot from Fabregas ended up in the bottom of the goal after a mistake made by Uruguay's goalkeeper Muslera. Before half time two mistakes of Diego Godín trying to come out with the ball gave Mata and Fabregas the chance to score but they didn't take the chances. However, the first half concluded with a 1-1 draw. Cristian Rodriguez, "El Cebolla", beat Victor Valdes to score the equalizer after a good movement of Edison Cavani that left the Spanish defence exposed.

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The second half began in a similar script, with the Spanish team determined to continue dominating the game, this time with David Villa and Gerard Pique in place of Juan Mata and Carlos Puyol. The lack of clarity from the South American team along with the sustained Spanish high pressing forced many errors in the Uruguayan players as Spain were a costant threat around Muslera's penalty area. And just five minutes into the second half Pedro Rodríguez scored the second for Spain after Gerard Pique’s pass.

In the last half-hour both teams made several substitutions, but the only one with a tactical impact on the game was when Mario Suárez replaced Santi Cazorla, with Spain playing since that moment with Mario alongside Busquets as holding midfielders. Mario made his debut with for the national team alongside César Azpilicueta and Francisco Alarcón 'Isco'.

Uruguay meanwhile continued to play on the counterattack. But while the sense of danger appeared whenever Edinson Cavani and Luis Suárez were on the ball, only once was Victor Valdes tested after a shot from Napoli striker.

Spain had a complete control of the tempo of the game, keeping possession and creating numerous chances. In the 74th minute Pedro Rodríguez finished a good counterattack to score his second goal and to put the definitive 3-1 on the scoreboard.

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28/02/13 at 20:42:09 #1
Rafa fan Lfc
We will always love and respect you Rafa. Come home. YNWA
15/04/13 at 21:07:35 #2
anupam anfield melwood dutta
16/04/13 at 14:21:54 #3
Happy Birthday, Rafa. 16.4.13.
Support both Spain and Uraguay(now that Suarez is here). It will be interesting to see how long Spain's supremacy continues.
Hope you have a great day. Win the rest of your matches except Sunday's game, of course.
Best wishes to you and your family.

16/05/13 at 11:29:24 #4
Hi Mister happy birthday, Naples is waiting for you.

Greetinigs from the land of the sun !!! ;-)
17/05/13 at 16:19:10 #5
I dont know where else to send a message to you Mr. Benitez. But well done to you. I feel embarrassed by the fans who have been very rude and ignorant to you. You did an excellent job under very tough circumstances. You have always maintained your professionalism and politness. Well done - you will be missed. But like your predecessor - nothing is quite enough for the powers that be at Chelsea, and maybe some of the players i dont know. I love to watch Chelsea play - i like 2 teams Tottenham and Chelsea and watch them from Canada having emigrated 20 years ago from England. thanks for your help, and your determination to see it through to a successful end. Cheers, Karen.


Thank you.
18/05/13 at 11:06:17 #6
tiren reddy
you are a hero rafa, you have shown great fortitude at your reign at chelsea, and i hope you come back to liverpool one day with jamie carragher as your assistant that would be amazing so forever and always in rafa i trust, take care boss
18/05/13 at 19:50:46 #7
Thanks Rafa. Some Chelsea fans, like me, do appreciate you.
18/05/13 at 21:11:13 #8
i would like to thank you for doing a brill job for us at chelsea fc .im sorry for the way some so called fan treated you .im would be happy if you stayed at the club .i would like to wish you all the best for the next club you go to
19/05/13 at 23:37:17 #9
Well done Rafa, congratulations, enjoy the moment :-)
20/05/13 at 00:14:53 #10
thank you for everything you did for us Rafa here at chelsea fc...... i appreciate and respect you a lot..... ignore all the haters and enjoy the moment.... thanks again
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