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Oct 2020
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There are still difficult times ahead

From China

Rafa Benítez

Unfortunately, this title has been applicable for the past few months and it seems that it could be this way for a lot longer.

In a few days, we'll confine ourselves to the hotel/training ground complex to play the second phase of the Chinese league in its new format. Yesterday I had a meal and work meeting with the president of the Club, on Monday we have a couple of meetings to structure the football basics for the season facing us next year and at the same time, we have to analyse the changes that we should make in the First Team for next season. Whilst valuing the investment in the new medical department for all our young footballers, we are also happy to welcome Jailson, our new foreign player who's just finished his quarantine and arrived to help us in the second phase of the current league. That word, quarantine, has become the key to making decisions, we could not think of more signings because the quarantine time, and its consequences on the physical condition of the players, would make it impossible for them to arrive in time to make a difference in this phase.